RTU Programming

An RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) is an individual device, or a collection of devices, that are installed in a remote site or location which monitors, controls and provides feedback of field devices. The RTU exchanges data between itself and a master unit or database via a wired or wireless (radio, satellite, microwave) communication link. The data being monitored can be analogue and/or digital depending on the field device/s in operation. Some industries that utilize RTU’s include mining, gas & oil, water treatment, agriculture and environmental.

SCADA Programming

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) control systems are integrated into a vast range of industries and facilities, such as water treatment plants, power generation and distribution centres, manufacturing operations, pulp and timber mills, mining, Gas & Oil along with modern building management systems.

Energy Management

Energy is a crucial element in the development and maintenance of modern society, allowing for higher quality of life, technological advances and business progression. As modern society has grown, the energy demands have increased substantially putting excessive strain on already stretched energy supply networks.

Energy Monitoring System

Energy monitoring systems are utilized throughout many domestic, commercial and industrial applications, from basic LCD display devices used to monitor a single load, to large scale automated process control systems integrated into a BMS (building Management System). The basis for energy monitoring is to identify high energy use devices and/or systems. This allows for implementation of strategies to reduce energy consumption.

Manufacturing Execution System

MES (Manufacturing execution system) is a real-time software based data management system that allows manufacturing and production businesses to track processes and implement strategies to improve efficiencies. MES is utilized extensively throughout many manufacturing and production industries where data management, traceability and process improvement is desired.

Engineers Queensland 

Australia’s Queensland is a resource rich state with large natural reserves of high grade coal, natural gas (LNG), coal seam gas (CSG) and minerals, a majority of which can be found in the Surat, Bowen and Galilee basin regions. Queensland also has a growing population and large tourism industry, due in no short part to its favorable warm weather, and popular regions stretch from the Gold Coast in the South East to Tropical North Queensland in the far North, where ancient world heritage rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef are popular draw cards.

Automated Power Systems

Electrical power systems form an essential element in the sustainability of modern life and are utilized in almost every corner of the world. Electrical power allows quality of life, technological advances, business progression and relative security. Power systems are made up of a network of connected equipment which is used to generate, distribute and supply electricity to end users.