Energy Management

Energy is a crucial element in the development and maintenance of modern society, allowing for higher quality of life, technological advances and business progression. As modern society has grown, the energy demands have increased substantially putting excessive strain on already stretched energy supply networks.

Energy management is the process of identifying, analyzing and then implementing processes to reduce energy consumption. Many consumers, particularly large industrial and commercial businesses, have taken steps to better manage energy usage by employing energy reduction strategies such as an EMS (Energy Management System).

Automation plays a vital role in energy management, some equipment used include SCADA, PLC and smart energy metering devices, which are utilized extensively to monitor, control and manage energy as required. Energy data is collected via automation devices such as sensors, transducers, metering and other energy detection devices, then distributed over a network such as an NCS (Network Control System) and analyzed, controlled and implemented though a BMS (Building Management System).

Successful EMS design and implementation requires a thorough understanding the energy network components and layout, including

  • Lighting
  • Power circuits
  • HVAC
  • IT
  • Vertical transport services
  • Fire systems
  • Security
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Solar installations

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