Understanding the Purpose of Network Control Systems

The Network Control System (NCS) is responsible for the detection of a power failure in the network, and the restoration of stand-by power until the normal power can be restored.  When it is imperative that a site has a reliable power supply, the site will require a state-of-the-art NCS in order to maintain power to the building during a mains power failure.  In addition to controlling supply during mains failures, the NCS is also crucial to providing Load Shedding and Low / High Voltage automated switching capabilities.

Where will you find an NCS

Almost any critical infrastructure will require some form of NCS.  These include:

  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Water / Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Research Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Commercial Office Towers
  • Universities
  • Refineries

What to consider when designing an NCS

As Network Control Systems are different for each application and environment, Automation IT has developed considerable experience in designing and commissioning fully customised NCS solutions for multiple diverse environments.  Almost immediately after the system is brought online the NCS decreases the potential for human operation errors as well as reducing the overall site consumption (when linked with an Energy Management System).

We reduce our clients operating costs and improve site availability!

Need more information?

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