Waste Water Automation: The Common Commodity That Everyone Needs

Waste water treatment is a necessity for all communities, allowing for the safe release of used water back into the region’s water ways. In order to safely release water it must first undergo a number of treatments for purification. This ensures that it will not harm the environment, animals or people downstream of the release. Each treatment plant will have individual processing needs in which to meet environmental safety requirements.

Through use of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) these processes can be automated to ensure that they run as smoothly, with as little operator input as possible. This ensures that with changing factors (e.g. flow rates, etc.) the system can automatically respond to keep the process within defined limits.

Through use of a SCADA network operators can monitor, trend and control all equipment connected to the PLCs. This allows complete control of equipment whether it is changing speeds or control between automatic and manual modes. It also allows the adjustments of set points to fine-tune the processes being run. Timers, counters, digital and analogue inputs allow processes and sequences to be started/stopped according to any combination of elements.

In addition to the control system a number of telemetry options are also available using Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs).  These can be tailored for remote monitoring, alarm notification or any such scenario your plant requires. Whether it is a simple screen rake control or complex sludge de-watering sequencing Automation IT has expertise to design, implement and maintain your water treatment plant’s automated control system.

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