SCADA Design

SCADA control systems are integrated into a vast range of industries and facilities, such as water treatment plants, power generation and distribution centres, manufacturing operations, pulp and timber mills, mining, Gas & Oil along with modern building management systems.

SCADA control systems allow operations staff to monitor and, if required, manually modify a process control without the need to enter hazardous workplace environments. SCADA control systems also provide, among other features, multiple safety identification systems, from visual warnings on a screen to audible alerts that automatically trigger in the event of a serious or critical situation. When SCADA is involved, safety is paramount.

A SCADA system forms crucial links between operations management, process control, data acquisition, efficiency and safety. Designing and implementing a functional and reliable SCADA control system requires a thorough understanding of both the client’s requirements and what hardware/software would be most appropriate for any given application.

When it comes to choosing a SCADA design partner it is important to consider all aspects of the design process, not just the cost of hardware. Successful SCADA design requires a holistic approach encompassing the entire design process, from the initial project scope to understanding the process under control, the hardware elements, installation procedures, programming requirements, documentation along with back-up support.

Automation IT are a professional SCADA engineering design company that have integrated partners with all the top SCADA manufacturers, so have the knowledge and background to engineer the best solutions. Automation IT utilize their own in-house professional SCADA engineers whose expertise covers everything from hardware selection to high level customized programming, no job is too small or too big.

Automation IT is a complete control system engineering service provider. For more details on SCADA design services that can be offered by Automation IT, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..